Exterior Insulation Insulation

From design through completion Ecowarm
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Insulation From The Outside!

Exterior insulation has a clear advantage over conventional indoor insulation techniques. By insulating from the outside and cutting thermal bridges, the entire building structure is protected from the cold and wet weather, which is not the case with internal insulation. Ecowarm has teamed with Spreadwell Plastering to provide a first class exterior insulation service.

Exterior Insulation… Ideal for Renovation

Whether you're planning the construction of a new building or renovating an existing one, Ecowarm can offer a durable, cost-effective solution in keeping with the highest standards of the construction industry. In renovation, it is more cost-effective to redo without having to undo everything. Our exterior insulation and finish systems can be used on almost any existing surface - easily and at reasonable cost. You will be delighted with the results achieved.

Advantages of External Insulation for Refurbishment Applications

  • Lowers maintenance costs.
  • Avoids internal buildings works.
  • Renews ageing exterior facades.
  • Can be installed during occupancy.
  • Gives major aesthetic improvements.
  • Increases the value of the property.
  • Does not reduce the size of the internal rooms.
  • Limits disruption to the fabric of the building.
  • Increases the life expectancy of the building.

Benefits of External Insulation

  • Protects the fabric of the building.
  • Improves thermal performance.
  • Ensures consistent U-Values.
  • Reduces thermal bridging, minimizing condensation and heat loss.
  • Reduces thermal stress on the structure or substrate.
  • Transfers the dew-point to outside the structural wall element.
  • Improves air-tightness of the construction, which reduces draughts and heat loss.
  • Optimizes use of thermal mass, reducing internal temperature fluctuations.
  • Available in a wide range of external finishes.
  • Is relatively easily installed, leading to faster construction.
  • Gives ease of quality control - as insulation coverage is clearly visible.

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